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Gene Expression

Perform a complete gene expression workflow with reagents, instruments, and consumables from Roche. Benefit from our comprehensive portfolio of technologies, from nucleic acid purification to microarray analysis and real-time PCR. Discover how we can help make your research decisions and laboratory processes easier, faster, and more productive.

Accurate Expression Levels, Unbiased Two-Step RT-PCR
Increase the power and sensitivity of cDNA synthesis, and obtain high-resolution signals in subsequent real-time PCR analysis, using Roche reagents optimized for high fidelity signal dynamics. Choose the Transcriptor cDNA kits, or the appropriate single enzymes, to obtain more sensitive two-step qRT-PCR results on any real-time PCR instrument. Save your RNA from degradation with Protector RNase Inhibitor. In combination, these reagents permanently and accurately preserve the original RNA relationships for downstream gene expression quantification studies.