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Cellular Analysis

Gain new insights using our comprehensive portfolio of interconnected Cellular Analysis solutions. Our intelligent analytical systems and robust assays enable a diverse range of techniques for rapid, reliable, and physiologically relevant multi-parameter investigation of cellular function, including:

  • Isolation of cells by efficient and gentle tissue dissociation
  • Transient transfection of cells
  • Establishment of monoclonal cell lines
  • Optimization and control of growth conditions
  • Qualitative and quantitative imaging analysis of cells
  • Investigation of biochemical pathways using functional assays

Building upon 20 years of transfection experience, Roche has developed next-generation reagents and associated products that combine high performance with low cytotoxicity across common and hard-to-transfect cell lines. Created to meet the needs of researchers who require high efficiency, ease of use, and reproducibility, X-tremeGENE reagents provide physiologically relevant analysis of cellular effects.

> Transfected Cells Database
> Product Selection Table
> Cell-Type Specific Protocols