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Gene Expression

Perform a complete gene expression workflow with reagents, instruments, and consumables from Roche. Benefit from our comprehensive portfolio of technologies, from nucleic acid purification to microarray analysis and real-time PCR. Discover how we can help make your research decisions and laboratory processes easier, faster, and more productive.

Isolate concentrated, purified RNA to drive your gene expression breakthroughs
Ensure the sensitivity and accuracy of your downstream real-time applications. High-quality RNA is necessary for high-resolution fluorescence signals and to avoid RT-PCR side products after cDNA synthesis or real-time RT-PCR. Roche kits and automation systems provide a complete array of options to isolate contamination-free RNA from a multitude of sample types and at any scale. Choose the High Pure kits for manual RNA isolation, or learn more about the proven MagNA Pure Instruments, which provide hands-free sample preparation and nucleic acid purification.