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Protein Expression

Express More Protein - Faster

Experience streamlined protein expression. High-quality products and enzymes for cloning, combined with effective transfection and protein stabilization, are the foundation of successful protein expression, as well as a major aid in downstream analysis and characterization. Improve the speed and yield of your day-to-day protein expression assays using a broad array of high-quality reagents and enzymes from Roche.

Accurately Analyze Expressed Protein in Complex Mixtures
Simplify the detection, characterization, and purification of proteins using Roche kits and products for protein analysis. Immunoprecipitation without interference from contaminants, perform reliable and sensitive western blotting, and easily verify protein expression. Choose a tag that does not interfere with the function or cellular processing of the tagged protein. Use Roche chemiluminescent western blotting reagents and kits to maximize convenience, speed, and effectiveness. Design your own glycol analysis workflow, or choose powerful enzymes to digest proteins separated by 2D gel electrophoresis or liquid chromatography for mass spectrometry.