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Gene Knockdown

Integrated Solutions for Gene Knockdown Analyses

Roche provides many integrated solutions for the application of RNAi in your research. Investigation of gene expression by RNA interference comprises a workflow of events which starts with the preparation of a suitable siRNA or the construction of an shRNA expression plasmid, usually followed by the transfection of these constructs into cultured cells. mRNA and protein analyses, as well as functional assays, are used to verify the effect of RNAi. Read on to discover the Roche reagents that can help drive your experimental RNAi workflow.

Make Workflow Optimization Easy
For a successful gene knockdown experiment, the sequence of siRNA employed is of crucial importance. The most efficient siRNA sequences provide a 90% reduction of the mRNA level, whereas others may have little or no effect; testing is required to find the siRNA that is most suitable. Additionally, some cell types are not easily transfected and may require careful optimization of the transfection conditions. These parameters should be tested during the verification step of the RNAi workflow. The extent of gene knockdown can be tested on the mRNA or the protein level.