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Cellular Analysis

Gain new insights using our comprehensive portfolio of interconnected Cellular Analysis solutions. Our intelligent analytical systems and robust assays enable a diverse range of techniques for rapid, reliable, and physiologically relevant multi-parameter investigation of cellular function, including:

  • Isolation of cells by efficient and gentle tissue dissociation
  • Transient transfection of cells
  • Establishment of monoclonal cell lines
  • Optimization and control of growth conditions
  • Qualitative and quantitative imaging analysis of cells
  • Investigation of biochemical pathways using functional assays

Roche offers a wide range of crude and enriched proteolytic enzymes for cell harvesting and tissue dissociation. With the introduction of highly purified Liberase enzyme blends, we have improved the quality and reproducibility of tissue dissociation, as well as the viability and functionality of isolated cells. Liberase Purified Enzyme Blends replace traditional collagenase, which is a crude and variable fermentation by-product of Clostridium histolyticum.