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Picture of LightCycler<sup>&reg;</sup> 1536 Multiwell Plate

LightCycler® 1536 Multiwell Plate

High-performance reaction device specifically designed for the LightCycler® 1536 Instrument.

For life science research only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Product No. Pack Size List Price Your Price Quantity
100 plates $ 10,300.00

The LightCycler® 1536 Multiwell Plate is specially designed for the LightCycler® 1536 Instrument using the Thermaxis® technology.
Thermaxis® technology comprises composite layers of two custom-blended polymers, resulting in superior thermal accuracy, speed, and uniformity. The heat-conducting lower layer is precision molded to precisely fit the unique vshaped groove of the LightCycler® 1536 thermal block cycler mount, thermally coupling the block to the liquid volume. The upper-layer heat barrier isolates the heated lid from the liquid volume for stabilized heating, minimizing inconsistencies. 

  • Benefit from at least 50% cost reduction per result due to setup miniaturization.
  • Reduce inter-assay errors due to a fourfold increase in sample number per plate (compared to a 384-well plate).
  • Maximize PCR layout flexibility using a customizable plate-based format. 


Plates in resealable, non sterile bags.

LightCycler® 1536 Multiwell Plates are used for low-volume real-time PCR analysis on the LightCycler® 1536 Instrument.


Plates in resealable, non sterile bags.

Product No: 05358639001

Genotyping using digital PCR with the LightCycler® 1536 System to detect the IDH1 mutationin plasma samples

Article (PDF, 2.65 MB)

High-Throughput Analysis Using the LightCycler® 1536 Real-Time PCR System

Article (PDF, 1.09 MB)

Miniaturized Quantitative PCR using the Echo® 555 Liquid Handler and the LightCycler® 1536 Real-Time PCR System

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