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My MIQE Guide

Empowering results that matter

Improved reproducibility. Faster publication. More trustworthy data. Get the most out of your gene expression research with the help of the MIQE guidelines for qPCR.

What are the MIQE guidelines?
Developed for researchers, by researchers, the Minimum Information for Publication of Quantitative Real-Time PCR Experiments (MIQE) guidelines are a set of best practices created to ensure high-quality, reproducible, and biologically relevant results in the field of gene expression research.

The MIQE guidelines enable researchers to apply common standards to the preparation of nucleic acids from samples, the recording of experimental conditions and the reporting of results, leading to more easily reproducible research. MIQE compliance reduces time to publication by allowing reviewers or readers of your studies to focus on the pure data rather than on the methods used to produce them.

This website is designed to help you along every step of your workflow – from isolation to reverse transcription to analysis – while making it easier to collect the information necessary to make your research publication-ready and fully MIQE-compliant.

Make your research matter

Preparation & Isolation

Proper preparation of your sample and isolation of RNA are the critical foundations for defining accurate results. Record key parameters in this phase such as handling, storage, extraction method and concentration to preserve RNA integrity and expression profiles.

Reverse Transcription

Reverse transcribing mRNA into cDNA and, as an additional option for rare material, pre-amplifying this material are key steps for running your gene-specific assays. Follow the clear guidelines to ensure a contamination-free environment with consistent temperatures and conditions leading to high-quality reaction products.

Download reverse transcription technical guide or application note

Amplification & Analysis

Here’s where careful preparation and planning finally pay off. Running the analysis phase of the experiment is critical to recording accurate and publication-ready results. The type of reagents, the cycling parameters of the PCR and even the software used to analyze the experiment should all be recorded with care to ensure a truly reproducible set of data.

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Results that matter

With high-quality, MIQE-compliant results, you can get the most out of your research and ensure that your work is published faster. If you followed our online worksheet, you can print a publish-ready report or download our easy MIQE checklist to use in future research.

MIQE starter kits

Be MIQE compliant from the start with one of our simplified Roche qPCR kits, based on your specific workflow.

Download our MIQE offer flyer and contact your Roche Sales Representative for your individual MIQE Starter Kit.

Try My MIQE Guide

Make the most of My MIQE Guide by recording your research parameters in our simple worksheet, which you can print out for a personalized publish-ready checklist.

Register here to create a personalised MIQE worksheet that you can print at the end of the workflow to support publish-ready results.